Reflect Something Good

I recently shared a quote on Facebook about reflecting on what “moods” we project onto others, especially when someone’s negativity is spilling over onto us.  Working in an urban public school, and well…just being a human, I encounter this daily.  I’ve spent some time reflecting on this great quote, and what came to mind is the following story.  Enjoy.

I have a student who recently delivered me some seriously beautiful wisdom.  This student creates “beef” with most teachers and students, and on daily basis I have to “sugar him up” to learn.   I give him authentic sweetness: smiles, pleases and thank you’s, real compliments, and a sense of  feeling loved and respected.  This has led to a relationship (that is not always free of conflict) which has shown me that he is growing up without a father, takes care of his younger siblings while Mom works late, and lives in a school and society where people of “power” and “success” don’t look like him.  This young man is a mirror reflecting a common experience of struggle, abandonment, oppression.

As I was doing my thing teaching, he interrupted the lesson, and boldly said, “Miss!!  How are you always in a good mood?  You are my  only teacher who is nice to everyone”.  My response was, “Because I practice”.

I’m learning that “being the light” for anyone who reflects negativity is not easy; however it is possible when we practice being aware of our thoughts, intentions and actions.  You can choose the be the mirror and reflect back the negativity or low mood OR you can choose differently.  Remember that whatever you reflect is your choice and within your control…and even if you think otherwise, everyone notices.  With practice you can shine light, be happier and make positive ripples in your community and the lives of others.


Check out Gabrielle Bernstein’s vlog, Happiness is a Choice I Make, that provides some more specific guidance and inspiration on how to choose what mood you feel and reflect.



i love your message of positivity, charla! since i have been in the presence of your magnificence, i know that your smile & pep are sincere and infectious and you practice even when it’s difficult. thank you for sharing your light with your students and all of us – i only hope that i can reflect some of that brilliance!

The Educationista

Thanks, Amy! What a gift to receive your comment. It seems to me that you do reflect that brilliance in your music! Are you a teacher too? If you want to stay connected, subscribe to my newsletter, twitter or facebook so we can continue on this journey together! XO


You inspire me. Thank you for your gift of words. You do shine light wherever you go, and awesome that you shared to the student “it is practice”. Isn’t that the truth! You are a living example of positivity and growth…what an amazing asset to our kids. i am blessed to work alongside of you. I am empowered to look in the mirror and CHOOSE that path of positivity. Thank you, my friend.

The Educationista

Thanks, Allison. I had another kid ask me the same thing today…and “practice” was my answer again. Everyday we have the choice…and looking in the mirror is a POWERFUL way to affirm that everyday. #LIGHTWORKERS

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